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Out of all types of fitness activities, Yoga has stood the test of time, and it is still very much embraced by people and still giving the best fitness result.  Yoga is one of the workouts well established in the old school body hacks pdf. There are also lots of other fitness activities that can help and benefit your overall health.  Most people are still in the dark about some fitness tips that could really get them going for fitness success. Therefore, I have decided to give some real fitness activities and their ever tremendous benefit. Yoga being the first on the list plus lots of other activities you should begin considering straight away:

Yogaold school body hacks pdf

If you want more of energy, improved posture, awesome flexibility, mood improvement and reduced stress – Yoga (a mind-body workout) is all you need. According to Cyndi Lee founder of the Om yoga center in New York Yoga, he described as UNION in Sanskrit“. A conscious state with Yoga breathing makes you experience the connection between your body and mind. Yogic breathing alone helps the oxygenation of the body cells, rids them off toxins, prevents sickness and of course makes the skin young and radiant. Lee also explained that yoga poses works on both the inside and outside of your body helping in the rejuvenation process of the body’s digestive, reproductive and the immune system. Thus, doing yoga twice a week helps boost your energy, encourages de-stress and increases your bone mass.


Get biting some super-fruitold school body hacks pdf

Some super fruit like the pomegranates is found to be more beneficial compared to other fruits. Juice of pomegranates is found to regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol level in the body, it also was found to delay early cases of atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Cancer can also be prevented by the presence pomegranates. Skin are prevented from Ultraviolet damages

The goji berry (that from Tibet) is another good anti-ager, it is a fruit containing 500 times more vitamin C compared to the amount found in oranges. Goji berry is also considered the fruit high rich in carotenoids which is an antioxidant. Research also shows that the goji berry contains more iron compared to the spinach. Other element found in the berry includes; the eighteen amino acids, zinc, magnesium, selenium, calcium and the vitamin B1, B2, Band the E.  The goji berry were also found to stimulate the release of some growth hormone, this hormones makes us sleep better, reduce fats, improves the memory, look real younger, help our sexual performance and also enhance the body’s immune system.

Sipping green teaold school body hacks pdf

Green tea has been discovered to have a great impact in the body shipped, but just last year green tea was found again to help in reducing the risk of breast cancer and also prevent emissions. Other cancers related challenges the green tea prevents includes colorectal, bladder and lungs cancers. Green tea obstructs every path that might want cancer to emerge. Research also shows that taking up to 2-3 cups of green tea daily helps in your weight loss management and also the brain. Green tea has more benefits it does to the overall health.

Engage in mental aerobicsold school body hacks pdf

One of the studies published 2 years ago in one Journal belonging to the American Medical Association revealed that every brain exercises helps prevent cognitive decline, also benefits could last up to 5 years. There are series of games that could help strengthen your brain and they include; Sudoku, crossword puzzles, brain Games. Most of these games can be found around in game stores.

Engaging in activities for the purpose of overall fitness comes in various forms. It is, therefore, important that you pick on the right one or you get the package that suits your person.