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Every business, amongst other things, desires to improve productivity. Every business owner, without doubt, wishes for all his employees to improve their productivity. A lot of factors contribute to a worker’s productivity, as do many other factors lead to its diminishing. One of such is unstable power, or power outages in the workplace.

Most modern offices depend on power to run their operations and activities. This means that to an extent, power bars on employees’ productivity. So what happens when there is a power outage? You can guess already.

That notwithstanding, apart from taking courses such as EMP 101, there are ways to increase your productivity, despite the power cuts. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Use a UPS for devices in the workplace

Thanks to technology, we have these devices that help to provide power for some time after there is a power outage. The Uninterrupted Power Supply enables an employee to work for some minutes after a power cut.

In this period, he or she can get to save any unsaved, or unfinished work. Urgent tasks can as well be completed at this time and dispatched as necessary. This saves the employee from having to lose so much time re-doing lost tasks, as well as working instead of staying idle till power is restored.

  1. Use Wi-Fi from your mobile devices

When there is a power outage, internet connection goes off for sure. The devices and gadgets with which to access online tasks are also incapacitated. In this case, having a Wi-Fi connection from your tablet or mobile device can make a lot of difference.

With a Wi-Fi connection, you can still go ahead to accomplish your online tasks, without losing time waiting for power to be restored.

  1. Use cloud storage and file sharing applications

Business today has changed a lot from what it used to be. Thanks to the introduction of cloud storage, workers can now save files in the “cloud” and access it from wherever they are.

This eliminates the stress and trouble of waiting for power to be restored before continuing with a task at hand. One can leave a particular location to somewhere else, or work remotely when there is a power outage at the workplace.

  1. Make good use of batteries

For employees who have laptops and tablets, power outage at the workplace won’t pose so much problem. Provided there is enough battery power to continue the tasks for the day.

To this end, the period of power outages isn’t the time to play games and access social media platforms. A meticulous and judicious use of every juice of the battery should be ensured. In addition, the use of portable chargers is encouraged, to help overcome the problem of low battery juice.

  1. Attend to offline tasks

The period of a power cut offers the opportunity to attend to offline tasks that might have been ignored for some time. One should take this time to clear the desk, files papers as appropriate.

Also, the employee can take the time to draft up sketches and outlines of tasks that will be completed once power is restored. This drastically saves the time taken to accomplish such a task when power is finally restored.

The period of a power outage affords the employee the opportunity to brainstorm on whatever thing he or she has been nursing. It offers the time to draft up posts, articles and letters that would be completed when power comes back on. With all these tips, the period of a power cut only increases a worker’s productivity, not diminish it.